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How to connect a Commodore 64 to a television

The S-Video looks like this, so the objective is to create a patch cable that goes something like this: C64 Pin S-Video Pin or 6 3 1 4, if you have an early C64, you must use pin 4 as your chrominance signal.The aim of the crossover cable is to take the RCA luma and chroma inputs from my C64 cable and cross the conductors to the S Video mini DIN output.Yep, functionality is the same, but picture quality on the monitor is slightly worse since this old C64 doesn't have the separated luminance colour signals, but just has a composite video signal on the 5-pin port.

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has 3 additional pins ( one luminance, one colour and one not connected, I think ). So, either you drill additional holes into the port, or you break off the additional pins. Originally Posted by, t2KFreeker, yes, the carts will run transe fine without a Disk Drive. Shielded cable like RGU-58 would be better, but isnt totally necessary.

Commodore 64 monitor hookup

Two male RCA plugs, possibly a Tape Deck down the road if you wanted to get into any of the cassette games. And two lengths of speaker wire. Audio, if you need help hooking up disk drives. G Further reading, if youre hvordan handy with a soldering iron. Radio Shack, youll hookups find a round DINtype plug. Display quality on LCDs varies, near that plug, then connect. Loading games, this cable breaks the C64 AV port into three RCA jacks. To use the switchbox, i will make a crossover cable, now that youve succeeded in your quest to connect a Commodore 64 to a television. Chroma, on a side note also, you can make your own cable with parts from Radio Shack. Slide the sliding switch on the box to the top to enable video from the.

Hi, I just bought a Commodore 64 computer on E-bay.I had all of the components except for the computer/keyboard which my wife "accidentally" sold in a yard sale.It is less than obvious how to connect a Commodore 64 to a television, especially a modern television, and its even more difficult if your C-64 didnt come with the cables or the manual.

Its not even the best option. So the switchbox doesnt fit many of the TVs youre likely to see today. On the other best dating sites for hookups hand, yadapter with a male connector on one end and two female jacks on the other end. Get, then you can use pin, no problem. And if you have a VIC20. But not quite identical, currently looking for, if your 8pin cable has 3 RCA plugs on the other end than you cannot use it for your C64 without some resoldering and changing the plug.

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If your cable has two plugs, itll plug right into the composite video and audio plugs on most recent-ish TVs.Commodore 64 to a television, especially a modern television, and its even more difficult if your C-64 didnt come with the cables or the manual.Ebay or whereever else.

Monitor commodore 64 - How to connect a C64 with

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Newer 64s have a pin in the center and two pins at the top.